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ISO 12233 RESOLUTION TEST CHART[ Product News | 2014-06-12 ]
3nh chart is precise aid, designed for image quality determining and for judgment of resolution limits of digital cameras. The chart is designed for photographic cameras up to 2000 addressable pixels in picture...
Attention before using T90-7 camera check cabinet[ Product News | 2017-11-08 ]
How to use SFR resolution test chart[ Test chart knowledge | 2017-07-08 ]
How to use SFR resolution test chartISO12233:2014 eSFR can automatically calculate several key image quality factor includingbut not limited to shrpness,lateral chromatic aberration,tonal response...
Definition and formation of pixel noise[ Test chart knowledge | 2017-06-27 ]
Definition and formation of pixel noiseResolution is used to measure how much of a bitmap image data quantity parameters,usuallyexpressed in pixel.In short, the resolution is the ability of a camera to interpre...
sales elite awards n the first quarter of 2017 [ Company News | 2017-03-31 ]
sales elite awardsn the first quarter of 2017They are the outstanding of elite, is the major force of enterprise development.Theywork conscientiously, work hard, work diligent for the enterprise's contribut...
3nh Products FCC Certificate[ Company News | 2015-05-08 ]
NS800 Spectrophotometer CE Certificates[ Company News | 2014-06-30 ]
3nh TUV Certificate[ Company News | 2014-06-26 ]
3nh ROHS Certificate[ Company News | 2014-06-26 ]
3nh ISO9001 Certificate[ Company News | 2014-06-26 ]
CIE Standard Observers[ Color Knowledge | 2014-06-12 ]
In the visual observing situation, the observer is the human eye that receives the light reflected from or transmitted through an object, and the brain which perceives the vision.The visual observing situationS...
Colorimeters Versus Spectrophotometers[ Technological | 2014-06-12 ]
Understanding the types of instruments available for measuring color is important when choosing the instrument to purchase or use for your application. The terms “colorimeter” and “spectrophot...
3nh Products Have Got CE Certificate[ Company News | 2014-06-26 ]
CE-certification or CE Marking is a conformity marking consisting of the letters “CE”. The CE Marking applies to products regulated by certain European health, safety and environmental protection le...
What is a colorimeter?[ Technological | 2014-06-12 ]
A colorimeter is a light-sensitive instrument that measures how much color is absorbed by an object or substance. It determines color based on the red, blue, and green components of light absorbed by the object...
Human Eyes to Distinguish Colors[ Color Knowledge | 2014-06-12 ]
The color difference unit, NBS, is derived from the unit of color difference formula which is established by Judd-Hunter. In 1939, the American Bureau of Standards adopts this color difference formula and calcu...
Color Fastness[ Technological | 2014-06-12 ]
Color fastnessis a term used in dyeing of textile materials means resistance ofcolorto fading, i.e. it refers to the notion of an object having color that retains its original hue without fading or running. The...
PANTONE CU Color Card (Electronic Edition)[ Industry News | 2015-05-08 ]
PANTONE CU Color Card (Electronic Edition)PANTONE colorist - PANTONE coated PANTONE colorist - PANTONE uncoatedC Color CardPANTONE colorist - PANTONE coated100C101C102CYellow C103C104C105C106C107C108C109C110C1...
Pantone TPX 2012 (175 New Colors)[ Industry News | 2014-06-12 ]
Pantone TPX 2012 (175 New Colors)TPX 2012 New Colors PANTONE FASHION + HOME/color guide N01 N02N03N04N05 N06 N07N08N09N10 N11 N12N13N14N15 N16 N17N18N19N20 N21 N22N23N24N25175 New Colors11-0605TPXN 2511-0...
3nh Innovation from Products to Marketing Mode[ Company News | 2014-06-12 ]
3nh high-quality colorimeter has well received by the market because of the technological innovation. Our colorimeter has taken four innovation patents which is the rare innovation resolution in the industry.Ca...
NH Series High-Quality Colorimeter[ Product News | 2014-06-12 ]
In 2011, 3nh has officially launched NH series high-quality colorimeter. In color management field, it has filled the gap of high-quality, high-stable and high-precision domestic colorimeter in China market. Al...