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sales elite awards n the first quarter of 2017

sales elite awards n the first quarter of 2017


They are the outstanding of elite, is the major force of enterprise development.They work conscientiously, work hard, work diligent for the enterprise's contribution and their own strong, diligent and indomitable fighting spirit.we need to salute them and learn from them.They always put the sales of colorimeter, gloss meter, the resolution test chart, color assessment cabinet in the first place.They shows his elegant demeanour, created the impressive performance in the forefront of marketing ,  create thoughtful service to melt in the sales link with extraordinary courage, superhuman perseverance .They are simple but not common, ordinary but not mediocrity, remorseless struggle, with advanced power.Today is the day when they enjoy the honor and the substantial results, let us together to express our heartfelt congratulations to them and thanks.3nh granted to them in the first quarter of 2017 "the best sales prize", "sales progress prize".