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Customized Service for 3nh Colorimeter

Kinds of customized service
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                                                                        Customized Service for 3nh Colorimeter 


1. Color Difference Formula
CMC (1:c) Color Difference Formula, can designate l:c coefficient
● ISOColor Difference Formula

● JPC79Color Difference Formula
● CIE DE2000 Color Difference Formula
● BFD Color Difference Formula
● FMCⅡ Color Difference Formula
● CIE1976 Luv Color Difference Formula 


2. Whiteness

● CIE1986 Whiteness Formula (Ganz Formula)
● Y Lightness Whiteness Formula (MacAdam Formula)
● Tappi Whiteness Formula
● Cros Whiteness Formula
● Stephansen Whiteness Formula
● Berger Whiteness Formula
● Taub Whiteness Formula 



Hunter Formula
Munsell Lightness
● CIE Lightness
● Germany DIN System Lightness
Lightness Value V and Brightness Value Y Relation000 


4. Light Source

● C
● F2(CWF)
● F6
● F7(DLF)
● F8
● F10(TPL5)
● F11(TL84)
● F12(TL83/U30)